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Free & Open Source Fundraising

Hello Family we need your help raising money for all of our family reunions.  It is our goal to implement a fundraiser schedule calendar to run one quarter during every odd year and two quarters every even year.  Additionally we will have different contest to award the top Individual Seller and Group Seller.

Anyone can participate!

How to get Started? Call Just Fundraising at 1-888-440-4114 and request your order kit.  We will sell candles during the warmer months and cookie dough during the colder months.  Our profits will be 50% of every order or more depending on the order sizes.

The next steps. 1. Get your order kit.  2. Follow the fundraiser calendar as a guide. 

3. Start taking your orders and collecting order fees upfront.  4. At the end of fundraiser term call a representative at Just Fundraising 1-888-440-4114 to report the total of your orders.  They will inform you of the amount to mail in before they ship the products.  5.  The remainder money is profit for our association please contact Dorothy Reynolds and mail a money order for the profit to:   

6. Distribute your orders and thank your customers.  7.  Contest winners will be recognized through this site, Facebook, and at the following family reunion.


Email questions to:

[email protected]

Fundraiser Calendar

Just Fundraising

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